Terms and conditions of use

FEE POLICY - Upon signing up for a class you are committing to a full season and fee as set out

in the schedule. Slots are immediately reserved upon a booking submission. 

CATCH-UP POLICY - We do NOT provide catch-up lessons under any circumstances including

Public Holidays, unless the lesson is cancelled by Propellers.

REFUND POLICY - Refunds MAY be considered under serious circumstances such as

hospitalisation of the student. Refunds will NOT be granted for any other circumstances,

including going away on holidays, minor sickness, exams, lack of transport or clashes with

other activities.

REDUCED RATE POLICY - There are NO REDUCED RATES for partial attendance. Families with

3 children or more enrolled in a particular Term may enquire about a discount on training fees,

at the discretion of Propellers.

TRAINING POLICY - Propellers caps are compulsory for training and at Galas.Proper swimming

wear is compulsory. Parents may observe the sessions while seated in the designated parent

seating area but should NOT interfere by coaching your child or disrupting the lesson in any

way. If you wish to talk to your child, kindly ask the coach. Children must not be left

unsupervised before or after training. Children must be collected promptly after their lesson.

CODE OF CONDUCT - I promise to abide by the Code of Conduct as set by Propellers, BSSA or

any swim event organizer.

OPEN SWIMMING POLICY - Open to competent/independent swimmers only. No

lessons/coaching provided. Only swimmers registered for open swimming will be granted


Propellers reserves the right to deny access to anyone not abiding by Propellers rules and

policies enforceable by the Security Guard. Facility use is at your own risk, there will be no life

guard on duty. 

INDEMNITY - As legal guardian I agree to hold Propellers or any of it's employees free and

harmless from any claim or expense that may arise due to participation in this programme.

COVID-19 - Whilst every possible precaution is being taken, Propellers hereby waives any claim

which may be connected to Covid-19.