Who we are

Propellers Swimming Academy is a Botswana based water-sports training institution. Since its establishment in 2013, the academy has assumed the self-imposed role of developing societal awareness to swimming as a necessity-through sports and recreation. At Propellers Swimming Academy, we boast a broad range of programs tailored for all classes, all age groups as well as all swimming levels. Our drive is for our clients to acquire and appreciate aquatic activities and ultimately adopt swimming as a lifestyle. Our programs put emphasis on values such as teamwork, equity, competitiveness and discipline.

Subsidiary to the main Propellers Sports Academy, the swimming academy aims to raise societal awareness to the notion of swimming as a critical life skill for every individual. Furthermore, we strive to make significant waves in the water sports fraternity in Botswana and beyond. We have several training locations including Jack’s Gym (Village), Jack’s Gym (Molapo Crossing), Broadhurst Primary and Gaborone club. Throughout the entire week we conduct various sessions across the training locations scheduled accordingly.

Our Philosophy

At the core of our philosophy rests the belief that SWIMMING is for EVERYONE. It is this guiding principle which propels us towards our goal of making swimming a ubiquitous undertaking across the country and even further.