Propellers swimming academy


Propellers swimming academy


JUNE 2020

REFUND POLICY of Propellers swimming academy (Pty) Ltd

  1. The Procedure is as follows:


  1. Upon admission to a programme, a swimmer shall be required to pay all the fees as stipulated in the Admissions Policy.


  1. In the event a swimmer pulls out of the programme, or the programme is cancelled, a refund shall be paid to the candidate


  1. The payment for purposes of refund shall be made as follows:


Withdrawal from the Programme:

  1. One (1) week before the commencement of the programme: Full refund of fees shall be made


  1. Less than one (1) week but before the day scheduled for the commencement of programme:  65% of the fees shall be refunded


  1. A month into the programme, 50% of the fees shall be refunded and 0% for a two months in to the programme.  


  1. In the middle or two months of a training programme: No refund shall be made to that swimmer


  1. Where a swimmer withdraws on medical grounds, a medical report shall be submitted to the office for examination.  


  1. Upon confirmation of illness by a qualified and recognised medical practitioner, a candidate will be given the opportunity to proceed on the next course

1.6 If it happens that the customer is not satisfied with the response administration officer shall refer him to operations manager.